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what is pilates?

• a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training that improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles without bulking up.

• works several muscle groups simultaneously through smooth, continuous motion, with a concentration on strengthening and stabilizing the core.

• quality of movement rather than quantity, which makes one feel invigorated rather than exhausted after a session.

• a balanced approach so that no muscle group is overworked and the body works as an efficient, holistic system in sport and daily activity.




At Living Lines Dance Center we strive to pass on our love for dance to all our students, helping them to feel that joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from expressing yourself through movement.

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dance classes

Living Lines Dance Center offers classes in Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Acrobatics, Hip-Hop, Pilates, Yoga, and Zumba. Beginner - Advanced • Ages 3 - Adult.

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